Rox styrhöjare 3,5" svart

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Overview of ROX Speed FX 3 1/2 in. Black Elite Pivoting Risers - 1R-P3SEK
Patented two-piece design that allows these risers to be installed on any motor vehicle with 7/8 in. handlebar clamps
Original clamps hold the risers which re-clamp the handlebars 3 1/2 in. higher with pivoting fore and aft adjustment
Out-board positioning makes them incredibly durable
Clamp in your choice of 7/8 in. diameter handlebars or remove the 7/8 in. reducers and then clamp in an 1 1/8 in. aluminum handlebar

NOTE: Double-check length of cables and brake lines for proper fit. Extended-length cables or brake lines may be required for proper operation.
Specs for ROX Speed FX 3 1/2 in. Black Elite Pivoting Risers - 1R-P3SEK
Clamping Diameter - Handlebars 1 1/8 in.
Clamping Diameter - Handlebars 7/8 in.
Color - Primary Black
Rise 3 1/2 in.
Type Riser - Pivoting
Units Pair
Weight 0.95 lbs

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